What makes Compriband superior?

Compriband can be installed quickly and easily, regardless of the weather conditions.

It requires only 2 point adhesion instead of the three point adhesion for other types of filler.

Permanent resistance to water



On compression, Compriband’s bitumen-impregnated cells close to form a permanent watertight seal.

Permanent resistance to heat


The combination of polymers and specially developed additives provide permanent heat resistance to approx. + 120ºC ( 248ºF ).

Permanent resistance to ageing


Compriband is modified with anti-oxidising agents to resist the deteriorating effects of UV, exhaust gases, water, and ozone corrosion.

It is unaffected by domestic or industrial effluents.

35+ years working life



Accelerated ageing tests  and installation monitoring show Compriband has a working lifetime well over 35 years.

When exposed to the elements Compriband shows only surface ageing, This occurs to a depth of 1-2mm in the first 3 years and is non-migratory.

Like any joint material, Compriband has limited long term resistance to chemicals including active chlorine and active oxygen, heavily oxidized acids or strong lyes, as well as gamma or neutron radiation.