About Compriband

Compriband is German Technology

Compriband is German technology, preformed self expanding foam sealant produced by impregnating high-density, open-cell polyurethane foam with water-based, polymer-modified asphalt, (also known as bitumen emulsion) hence permanently elastic.

Compriband performs its best on applications where simple thermal and seismic movement are anticipated and stay water tight. Cell walls of polyurethane are usually coated by a film layer of modified bitumen emulsion. The basic character of these two materials is what ultimately makes the product unique

When Compriband is pressed, Compriband will return to its original shape, Compriband can be pressed repeatedly

Permanently Elastic maintaining sealing performance under thermal ang seismic movement/ pressure

Over 35 years of proven performance (equivalent to Emsel in the US, Compriband in Europe)

Resinstance against UV, fire and petroleum from traffic when compressed

Watertight when compressed 1:4 or higher

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