Compriband is world‘s most advanced sealant

This is a pre-compressed sealant, made of impregnated permanently elastic fine cell soft polyurethane foam. Expands slowly and evenly, bridges extreme joint tolerances paintable and is compatible with all current building and sealant materials. Compriband providing the ultimate resistance to water, heat and ageing.

Heat Resistant | Waterproof

Compriband is heat resistant and waterproof, modified with anti-oxidising agents to resist the deteriorating effects of UV, exhaust gases, water, and ozone corrosion.

Working Life 35 Years

Compriband unaffected by domestic or industrial effluents. Accelerated ageing tests and installation monitoring show Compriband has a working lifetime well over 35 years.

Expansion Ability more 1:4

higher compression levels are required for watertightness in water run-off applications, lower compression can be used, for example, for concrete seals and roof ridges.

Comments from pusat Litbang PU

Compriband test

Compriband test to keep gaps from water seepaga and durability of up to 35 years

Compriband Application

Urecel compriband installation and how to use on concrete sealants and highway concrete.

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